About me

Howdy, You may know me by my less formal nickname: jotes (pronounced: yot-s).

I’m a senior-ish backend programmer at Clearcode.

During last 5 years I’ve had some time to learn about:

So, you can say that main part of my work is to debug a piece of complex, distributed and cloud-based software on daily basis.

I’ve donated some of my time to help and fix The Web. Most of my contributions are related to Mozilla, an organization full of kind, good-hearted and friendly people whose goal is to change the world in the most positive way.

I hope this blog will help me to keep track of my personal improvement and will allow me to overcome my personal plateu by sharing knowledge and learning from people.

If you want to say hello, send me an email.

I'm · a software developer · a late-night contributor · a mozillian · an occasional blogger ·